Care Programs

Charlton Manor provides services ranging from short-term rehab to Hospice Care. What separates this facility from most nursing homes and rest homes is the highly-professional staff who devote their knowledge, passion, energy and time to provide quality care to every resident and improve their living situations. From fresh coffee, tea and homemade cookies to proper medications, Charlton Manor residents receive them on a timely basis when they need. This is a place where elderly residents can live out their senior years with dignity, respect, care, and support. In addition to the professional care they receive, residents have a lot of camaraderie with each other, which forms strong bonds and friendships with one another.

The Charlton Manor is energized with positive karma and harmony throughout the clean, organized and peaceful home and the environment surrounding it. Whether the residents want to stroll outside in the beautifully maintained gardens or relax in the sun porch to read a good book or have a pleasant chat with a neighbor, they always have the freedom to choose and get the support needed. The residents living here, even in their advanced ages, have such a sense of belonging and purpose.

12 Town Farm Road in Charlton, Massachusetts

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