What our residents and their families say about us:

Sophia B.


The Charlton Manor is a beautiful rest home. I highly trust them and would bring my loved ones there. The staff are all friendly and caring, especially the owner Michael. The manor is a clean home, with amazing staff and food too!

Nicole Kohberger


14 months ago my life was changed forever when I lost my husband to Covid. For the last 18 years I have been the stay at home Mom and worked small part-time jobs. Now that all needed to change. A good friend of mine is the manager at the Manor. She is one of the most kind-hearted women I know. I knew she must manage a wonderful and safe environment that I needed. I started at the Manor almost a year ago and I quickly felt part of this wonderful caring family. I needed to be somewhere that I could continue to heal through my grief. Somewhere that was understanding of what I was going through. This is the place I needed to be. The owner Michael, Debra the manager and all the women here have helped me through so much. They got me the vaccine and booster as soon as they could along with all the staff and residents. As we still continue to fight through covid I feel safe here. Everyone is diligent about following safety precautions and that is so important. The level of care here is outstanding. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure residents always have what they need and want, even if that means we take special trips to Walmart. A lot of these residents do not have family so we become that family and we love them as if they are. This place is beautiful and clean and you can feel the heartfelt warmth the minute you walk in. My heart is happy to be here all week with these amazing people.

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I have to express my gratitude to Michael Turpin for helping me so much over the past couple years with his insight and kindness and a sense of humor in helping us care for our mother first at her home with his recommendation of Jewish Home Care and then their nursing home on Salisbury St. in Worcester. He has listened to me with compassion and patience over several issues in dealing with her declining health and has been a huge support to me personally and my family. So many people today are lost in the health care system and what to do with a loved one, but Michael has consistently been there and I cannot thank him enough. I must say he is remarkable with all the residents and particularly those who have no family or anyone to help them. I have witnessed his sensitivity to them time and again. He treats his staff so well many been with him for years .....because he is completely dedicated to them and his residents. So if your in need of housing for a loved one and what the best quality of care call Michael Turpin. There is no other home like, beautiful place on over 30 acres of tranquility and peaceful atmosphere with real care and oversight.



We went and toured several assisted living centers, a nursing home memory care unit and a couple rest homes. None of theses places had a sense of real compassion and quality of care but the Charlton Manor Rest Home and Assisted Living was the most amazing home like experience for us to tour. From the moment we drove in to meeting with their staff, talking with other residents and their family members we could not of chosen a better situation for our loved one. Michael answered all of our questions and explained everything to us and assured us our mother would get the care, attention and oversight she needs on a daily basis, this was a very good decision to visit several places and review the application process and feel so comfortable and confident in our decision. Charlton manor is a home not a institution, the whole philosophy of care and dedication to the residents was very visable and the staff is always so kind and out going. We were so impressed that the residents and some of the families just came right up and spoke so highly of the care. There are lot of options to consider and the Charlton manor has proven to us on daily visits it's a five plus star facility but it's really a home it's like a beautiful Inn in the countryside. Do yourself a favor if they have an opening go tour and experience this remarkable place. Also Big thank you to Debra Fitts the administrator who has helped us with everything and always keeps us informed. We couldn't be any happier and either could our mother.

Susan McNillion


I went today to visit my Aunt who has been at the Charlton Manor Rest home and assisted living for this past year, as I drove in she was walking with three other ladies and laughing and talking, I was so happy to see her so cheerful and mobile with her walker. She was not getting out much at all before she came to this remarkable place. The garden areas and sitting areas are just beautiful for the residents and their families, I came at the right time and joined them for delicious cookies and coffee. The manor is so much like a private residence or inn, the staff was so kind to include me in the coffee and snack. I have been very impressed with the care and the over sight for my aunt and the attention she is receiving on a daily basis. The Charlton Manor has the right philosophy on care and compassion for others in need. I would highly recommend this assisted living home and encourage you to go see it for yourself for a loved one. I am so grateful to Debra Fitts the administrator and for the owner Michael Turpin and his amazing staff. Thank you.



I am so impressed with this remarkable home like environment my Aunt is so happy here! This greatly improved her life. We enjoy sitting outside enjoying a coffee and all the beautiful garden areas. She is getting top medical care and she loves the staff. I would highly recommend this home. The manager Debra is incredibly kind and the owner Michael is hands on and cares.

Nancy and Bill


I just want to say thank you to Debra and Michael for their dedication and oversight of my mother who's life improved so much since she came to this beautiful home like setting. There is no place like this I have ever seen or experienced my son is a physician and when he came to visit his grandmother he was just so impressed with the staff, the food, the grounds, the porches, the out door sitting areas. He said you can sense the care and compassion at the Charlton Manor it is in plain sight all around you. We could not be happier with the care. Thanks for all you do. We appreciate all of you.



As a family that had such a difficult experience at a very over priced nursing home that our mother did not need we found the Charlton Manor Rest Home and Assisted living. We were so happy to get her in a huge shared room, she loves her roommate and they have become friends and they enjoy all that the manor offers, we did not find her level of care was being handled in the nursing home but after many months she has improved so much, the extra attention, actually monitoring her and making sure she is safe. The Manor did so much for her emotionally and physically and the spiritual component is very real. She is getting the care and compassion she needs on a daily basis. Thank you Debra, Nicky, Jessie, Tina, Jordin, Katrina, and of course Michael who treats these folks with great dignity and respect. I know there are a lot more staff, nurse, practitioner,physical therapist,and the priests from St.Joesph church, who have made our mother's world so much fuller and happier. God Bless you all.



My husaband and I recently went to visit his sister who has lived at Charlton Manor Rest Home and assisted living for the past 7 months, she has a beautiful room with everything she needs and a huge sun porch off it down the hall. She was in another setting that just didn't have this attention to detail and such warm caring staff. I know the last few years have been very challenging for nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, nurses, assisted living centers etc. The Charlton Manor has done a excellent job in keeping everyone safe and such a very stressful time, the manor is a very special place and so many nursing students on the staff, I meant two very kind private aides for residents as well this was very good to see, you can tell they care and the residents are so happy and a very clean home. Care like this is not seen in other places I have visited or had family or friends living at, this home like setting is so good for my sister in law she needs the oversight and assistance but not a nursing home setting. I would strongly recommend you call Debra Fitts the manager, or the owner Michael who is clearly devoted to his business.



We went to visit my Aunt today at the Charlton Manor, what a amazing home and such a beautiful piece of property that we walked outside and enjoyed with her and she was so happy to show us all around the house and the porches and all the interesting art work every where you look history looking back at you. The staff was so kind to her and the rest of the residents. I could sense the quality and the commitment of the management it's very evident every where you look. She is happy to not be alone and we can visit any time and I want to thank the staff for their help and support. This has to be one of the nicest rest homes I have ever seen in the state. I am a retired rn from a nursing school program. This place is where you want a loved one.



I was so happy to visit my Aunt today at the Charlton Manor, it was such a positive experience and her room is beautiful and so personalized with all her family photos and comfortable chair huge tv for her shows. I met several other very happy residents and some families who spoke so highly of Michael the owner and his team of remarkable care givers. My cousin did a lot of research in all the places around us and this caring and friendly home hit it out of the park. We as a family could not be happier with the care and oversight for my aunt, who was so alone before she came here. She loved getting a ride in the company Cadillac to her doctors appointment. She said this was a good move for her and is grateful to be at the manor. If you have a need and want personalized care and attention for your loved one there is nothing close to this beautiful home.



I am so happy that my grandmother is in such a caring environment and that all her needs are being met. I often see her and speak to her and even though she is forgetful she knows she is in very loving hands. She loves the staff, the other residents and their families always joking with them. The home is so nice and extremely clean and comfortable for everyone there. The manager is dedicated and the owner is very concerned for his residents and staff. I can sense the team work and how they all are committed to the care of the people living at Charlton manor. There are few places that are truly home like, I assure you the manor is the next best thing to living in your own home. If you have a need for a loved one this is the place. I toured several other places no one came even close to the personal care and oversight that the manor is so well know for in the community.



I had a very nice conversation with the owner Michael today who helped guide Thur the chaos of of our healthcare system. I had a very difficult time with the local hospital and my mother had been at another facility in town that charged her a ridiculous amount of money and no care. I was venting and frustrated with what to do and finally some one who could help us. I realize the difference in minutes after talking with Michael that he would be the one to help us. He explained all my opinions and choices told me to tour everything and meet with the owner or manager or the person in charge talk with other employees and residents and ask questions and all of the fees and application process. He didn't have to take the time with me but he did and I could tell he cared about people. My mother was able to come in a large shared room with huge windows over looking the beautiful grounds and all the trees and stone walls. The place is just beautiful as others have said inside and out. We are happy with the size because you are not lost in the crowd here. So much space to enjoy especially the porches and we also like the front parlor with all the art work. The food is what my mom likes but she often likes the same thing and they get it for her. The desserts are like from a five star bakery. I was shocked how many times I have walked in and seen every one enjoying the food. The manager Debra, is remarkable and so kind to everyone and keeps me well informed. We made the right choice. If you need a place for a loved one you will not find a better place with so much love and kindness.



Today I went to visit my mothers cousin who was recently admitted to the Charlton manor and I was very happy to see her in such a warm caring environment with many other happy residents and a very out going nurse who was so helpful and kind to all of the residents and I met several very happy families visiting outside on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. The grounds look like and old estate with trees, shrubs, flowers, bird feeders, antique walls, stone lions, huge flag pole area, old barn, big sitting areas just gorgeous inside and out. My cousin is confused but she is so well adjusted to this home. There was no possible way she could live on her own any more. Yet she is not in some nursing home that looks institutional and people just filling the hallways. I have visited too many places like that and it's so reassuring that this remarkable home was choosen for her and I could not be happier for her and my mother would of loved that she is here being lovingly cared for day and night.



The challenge to find a comfortable and caring environment for the elderly is not easy. We know of the chain assisted living places and the very expensive non profit centers are not home like. All of them want private pay funds for years and do not offer assistance if you run out of money then what send your loved one to a nursing home on Medicaid that's basically what they do. Ask the questions when you tour and fill out applications. It amazed me and my family when we called or toured around. I was very frustrated on what to do for our mother. She has some private funds and a home but we didn't want to move her from place to place. We had a great conversation with Debra the manager at the Charlton Manor, she helped us figure out a plan of action that works for us. She was extremely kind and so helpful over the phone. We have toured the beautiful and historic Charlton Manor Rest Home. Our decision was sealed when talking with residents there and their families in the court yard area on a gorgeous fall day. The fact that you can age in place and if you need additional care they provide it even if it's hospice with the Jewish home care and hospice program. No one else took the time and understood our situation as well as the manager Debra and we also had a meeting with the owner who provided us lots of information and had a sense of humor and you can sense his dedication to his business. We are so excited about what he called a partnership in our mothers care.



My mother is so happy in this beautiful home. She loves the grounds especially all those comfortable chairs and rockers. The flowers, trees, shrubs, boxwood, bird house, all the beautiful birds and enjoying a coffee outside with her friends. I recently drove in to see this picture! It made me so happy she was alone before all day and often at night. I think this socializing and not being in a nursing home has made all the difference in her life. The staff are so kind to everyone here. Debra knows these residents and it shows. The owner is so helpful and friendly too all of us. He has a great way with people and I can sense the residents and staff love him for all that he does to keep this assisted living / rest home the best around Worcester county. I should know I am a retired nurse. Michael has always been know as an exceptional person and has helped many people over the years.



I have to express my gratitude to the Charlton Manor Rest Home and the owner Michael and all his staff. May cousin Recently died at the hospital but the care she received was amazing no one could handle her at the hospital or the two nursing homes she was at, she got the medical care, psychological help and spiritual help at the Manor. I was so impressed with the food, cleanliness, activity, gardens, sitting areas in and out beautifully decorated in and out. It really is a bed and breakfast of retirement homes, they care and it shows. All thru covid, carefully caring for all. They could not of done a better job. We were so lucky to get her in this special home. God bless that great staff.



After so many places being so confused on what to do I finally asked around and was pointed in the right direction to go see Michael at the Charlton manor rest home and assisted living. He explained my options for my mother, helped me understand if she was to run out of funds, gave me an excellent referral for a pre paid funeral service, offered her a doctor to help reevaluate her condition. None of this was offered at the nursing home she was at, we were given no advice on what to do at all, very stressful. Michael answered all our questions and our concerns. Finally we have a plan and a home that she will be moving to pending an opening. This is a beautiful place with caring staff it starts from the top. This owner is involved and cares and it's very evident in all he does. We are so grateful for his time and help.



After looking at several options for my mother, I researched and spoke to several people in the healthcare community and with two elder care attorneys at Fletcher Tilton in Worcester, they all were very positive about my choice and said you will notice the difference and attention to detail once you get her into the Charlton Manor Rest Home and Assisted Living set on over 30 acres of beauty and peace. I met with the manager Debra and hoping we will get my mom there soon and out of and over priced empty promises facility. The manor is a bed and breakfast concept with a very clean and finely decorated decor and friendly staff. I was immediately impressed. No set visiting hours come and see for yourself. Those big over priced chains and big nonprofits are all about themselves. This is a fantastic family owned environment. Thank you Umass Hospital discharging planners for the suggestion to take a look. So grateful to get my mom in here.



I must say that after all the years my Aunt lived at the Charlton manor we could not of been more pleased with the care and attention she received. She was beautifully cared for and truly loved living in the bed and breakfast of retirement homes. There is so much to be grateful for and thank you would never be enough to Michael the owner who did so much for her and all the other residents, I saw this so often doing so much for others. There really are few places with this atmosphere and his staff is amazing. My Aunt recently passed away and she remained at the Manor and was cared for by the staff and Jewish home care and hospice. This was a gift to us her family. She never went into a nursing home she was so happy to remain in a home like setting all these years. God bless the staff.



I am so pleased to have my sister to have moved into Charlton Manor. We looked at several different places but none had such a warm atmosphere with a beautiful home like setting. She has had a difficult year with various health issues and did not want to be in a nursing home at all. This setting is perfect for her. I am so excited for the warm weather and visit on the grounds. It's like a country estate she is living at with new friends and professional staff. Debra could not of been any nicer and helpful with the whole process you can tell she loves her job and the sincere concern for others. Truly amazing place with home made meals, spotless rooms and great sitting areas inside and out. The owner has done an awesome job with this property and it shows. He is dedicated to this business and his staff are all so polite and knowledgeable, my sister is in exceptional hands.

Sally May


Bringing your loved one to the Charlton Manor is a great choice. The staff is incredible and always attending to my loved ones needs. They are easy to communicate with and extremely kind and caring. They treat everyone like their own family. I strongly recommend that you bring your loved one to the Charlton Manor Rest Home in Charlton.



My sister and I recently had a conversation with the owner Michael that was very detailed about our options for our mother who has mild dementia and his knowledge of resources and help was amazing he took his time to direct us to several good home care companies that could care for her till we decide were she will be living. Our family home is her pride and joy, so many happy times there. He understood our situation and lead us towards getting her additional care at home. The next step the house will be sold this spring and we will hopefully be able to place her at Charlton Manor. We have toured several places but none look like a real home. Michael's knowledge and compassion is rare, you get the answers you need to make and informed decision. I spoke with a colleague about him and he said Michael is one of the most direct and caring persons he has ever met in this healthcare, assisted living, nursing home industry. He told me you will be in excellent hands if you go with the Charlton Manor. Our plan is to go there pending an opening. We also were impressed with his manager Debra when speaking with her on the telephone she offered to help us and call anytime with questions. We also read on line the article in the Catholic Free Press about them. The manor is a special unique environment.



My wife and I looked at several assisted living places, rest homes and independent living with services. You have to ask a lot of questions and if your on a tight budget or have limited resources you better check to see if you can afford some of these very expensive senior living homes. What happens if you run out of funds ? What happens if you need more care ? What happens if you need hospice care or end of life care ...so many places just don't talk straight up to you. My mom needs care, support, encouragement, medication, insulin, and therapy PT and OT, walking program, activity, socializing and humor! She is receiving all of that at Charlton Manor Rest Home and Assisted Living with a beautiful home like setting. She was at another place that just let her stay isolated in her room, poor communication with us and really didn't even follow thru on any of her daily needs we had to talk over and over. Not here, the manor has a great concept of care and philosophy on senior care. We are thrilled to get her in here it's like a country inn, it's privately owned not a chain, and we are impressed with the care and oversight. We went to Florida for several weeks. No worries, we had zoom calls, telephone calls and felt so good knowing she was in exceptional hands. Please do what we did and drive 10 minutes from Worcester to this 30 plus acre estate.



Recently toured this beautiful home and first floor room that was spotless and was very nicely furnished with huge flat screen television. Spacious seating areas, gorgeous huge porch in front and back of house, dinning room looks like the Public house in Sturbridge. Nice big front living room with residents listening to music and lots of books, newspapers to look at. Out going young staff who joked and laughed with residents. Met two family members who are very pleased with the care and attention their loved ones get. Other places that we toured seemed only interested in how much we could pay, and for how long private pay, they never explained the process. The Charlton Manor helped us and assured us that they could handle our brothers care. I have been impressed every step of the way. Lots of places can say they care but you see it, feel it every time we visit, I would highly recommend the Charlton Manor. We came from Worcester and it is just a short drive from St. Vincent's hospital where my brother was and they also recommended we visit the Manor. Thank you to the social worker and discharge planner.kathy



I love that my aunt is here at the Charlton Manor Rest Home and Assisted Living. She has been here for three years and every one is so kind to her. The manager Debra is on top of everything for her. The dedication here is unmatched. I would strongly recommend the Charlton Manor. During this covid crisis everything was done to keep her safe. Including limited visits, or no visits to keep everyone safe. It worked and all the residents and staff have gotten the vaccine. They have gone above and beyond! You will not find this type of care and attention to detail any where else. I have had loved ones in other settings and nothing compares to this special beautiful home.



After waiting a few weeks we finally got the call a room was available for my sister who needs a safe loving environment to call home. Her condo was too big for her and she was so isolated where she lived, we looked at several options for her but she and we loved the home like setting of Charlton Manor. We liked the idea of one move not another one if she runs out of funds or needs more care. They gave many examples of residents they have helped over the years and offered us to call a few former residents family members to ask questions on their services. That was impressive and I spoke with a woman who's mother lived there for many years and how happy she was with the care, oversight, food, snacks, cleaning of room and laundry and the flat screen t.v and cable and all furniture provided if you choose to make the move easy. She loved all the staff and came several times a week to visit. Her mother actually improved after moving in and loved to sit on the porches and read and chat with everyone. Her mothers condition and medical needs increased and she eventually went on Jewish home care and hospice and was so pleased she could stay at “her home “! They treated her like a queen, she was given personalized attention daily. Try that she said at some of the other places.....they make promise at the manor and keep them. I actually also callled two nurse who work in home care and v n a services both mentioned the Charlton manor and said they would place a loved one there. So made an excellent decision for our family. It's confusing out there call Debra or Michael and you will see the difference.



We had to write about this past year and everything that Charlton manor management did to keep our mother safe during this health crisis, they went out of there way to assure her and her family that she was safe and well cared for, we talked on the phone daily,zoom calls as well. The property is always perfectly kept inside and out and there is always staff on and we can call management any time or text. You will not get this level of care or attention in some huge place, just won't happen, we tried that and over paid for months till we heard of the manor from a nurse in town. What a difference! They are devoted to caring for those in need. We could not be happier and most of all our mother is happy and loves the place and her friends there. Such positive vibes there beautiful people Beautiful HOME!



My family has been searching for housing for my Aunt in the Worcester area, she has lived there her whole life. We couldn't understand some of the rest homes there we pulled in and out of several, we didn't bother to even go in. We had one appointment at a place and it was way too small once we went in and toured it was just not a place you could even move around in every one and every thing was on top of each other. They apparently had many one or two rooms open, the rate was too high for this atmosphere and they must be all Medicaid, which is fine but my Aunt can't afford high end and surely we can do better than these places. I called elder services and they provided a list and we restarted our search. I also called a friend who recommended we call Charlton Manor and we did ...thank you God. This place, this beautiful place, spacious, clean, nicely decorated, happy staff, happy residents. I was immediately excited to get my Aunt in the manor. They met with us, discussed options, told us to tour other places and carefully consider the manor. We had seen everything so know we want to come here. My Aunt is selling her condo and wants to move in to the Charlton Manor ASAP. They really have a unique home and different levels of care are provided if someone's health declines. The cost was fair, the room was very nice and my Aunt could bring her own things or the manor would supply everything. If she runs out of funds she stays with assistance from medicaid for rest homes. She doesn't have to give up her private room either. The owner Michael and the manager Deb went Thur all our questions and we are confident in our decision. Update...my aunt has been at the manor for several months and loves it, homemade food, clean room and spotless bathrooms, nice caring staff. Very up beat atmosphere with people who care. So glad we went 10 or so minutes from Worcester what a difference. I used to be a nurse so I can tell how much they do for these residents and they are so compassionate to them. Thank you Katie for the recommendation!



I helped my friend search for a better living arrangement for her. She needs some assistance with bathing, medications and help getting to doctor's appointment and a positive social environment. We both live in elderly housing but no services and no one looking out for you at all, it's totally independent and my friend needs help, she has no one to help her, we called so many places we thought would be good options, well in her case and mine one day if needed are limited. She has some private money but not enough for very long. We called all rest homes in the Worcester and Brookfield mass area. There were four we would consider the others were so depressing and pricing was all over the place. We spoke with Debra the manager at Charlton Manor and she helped us to understand Medicaid for rest homes, gave us information to call about health insurance, pharmacy, and get my friend a new doctor. No one else we called was as helpful or professional as she was in all our conversations. Decided after we toured the manor that if the room was still open we wanted it. There is a waiting list because it's worth waiting for and that's what we did we are on the list from a couple months ago and now helping my friend move in to a beautiful home with spacious grounds and all meals, tv cable, transportation, laundry, cleaning of room, help when needed, wonderful snacks, fresh fruit, and vegetables and a positive, loving environment. We are so blessed to have found this gem. Our advice when looking ask a lot of questions and tour on off times and meet the managers or directors personally. Charlton Manor is a remarkable place to call home for my friend and perhaps myself in the future.



Recently after all the options we could consider for our mother we choose Charlton Manor Rest Home and Assisted living. This process was stressful till we met Michael And Debra and they answered our questions and were straight forward with us and our concerns about our mother who has early on set dementia. It was very clear to us how committed they are in providing quality care and services to the residents. We toured and met everyone it seems who works and lives there all joking and smiling with each other. The room we were offfered Had a beautiful antique pineapple bed, large dresser and mirror, leather chair, 40 inches flat screen tv and table, night table with old Waterford lamp, beautiful pictures, oriental rug on floor, two large windows overlooking the grounds, bird feeder outside the window, very nice drapes and bedspread, pillows. My mother said can I just go take a nap! Lol. She loved the room and all interactions we had. Very positive that was a year ago and boy the challenges they faced and she is fine. Covid free and safe. Really could not ask for anything there. They are all angles, those girls in nursing school are getting an education in real compassion and quality of care. We are grateful to everyone. Thank you.



My family recently faced a crisis of where to place my great uncle, Charlton Manor rest home and assisted living was the most helpful with all our questions and concerns, many other places we spoke too where not interested in helping because of his moderate income to be honest. One place wanted 2 years guaranteed private pay and then we the family would have to pay which we could understand because of the huge cost of running a place but we were not going to pay a place that wasn't top notch and they my have a huge lobby, some of these places and big dining rooms .....but residents are not engaged and looked after or just housed ? We care about our uncle the last of his generation. He did so much good in his life he deserves the respect and dignity and true compassion and we asked around and toured many places but none were a HOME like Charton Manor. Our uncle has early on dementia and doesn't need a locked unit in some nursing home, that is where the social worker at the hospital had suggested and she couldn't answer all of our questions but we found the Charlton manor could answer all our questions and they helped us in a time crunch with his discharge. We are so grateful to Michael the owner and the manager Debra. Thank you for caring and being honest with us.



Went today to visit my aunt who has lived at Charlton manor rest home for years. She was happy, the noon meal was homemade, beautiful dinner. I visited her on the front porch which is just lovely the way it's decorated and so clean, we walked outside and sat in a round garden area. Weather was gorgeous and this setting is just so peaceful. I am so pleased with her care and oversight she is in a exemplary setting. This is a home not an inistution it's like she is in a private inn in the country. She is happy and enjoys the staff and other residents.Best choice for us reinforced every visit.

David Cohen


We toured the Charlton manor several months ago but they didn't have an opening on the first floor our mother has a walker and needs encouragement to get up and get to meals, they still don't have a room available and we have toured other options but we want her at the Charlton manor because she will get the care she deserves. Many folks do not understand all the costs associated with caring for an elder and we will keep her home till appropriate room opens up. We want the right placement not just anyplace. I have toured homes in Worcester county and assisted living centers and none of them have this home like setting on 35 acres and the spacious porches and grounds. Many other places charge too much ask the residents when you tour or better yet the family members going from the parking lot it's eye opening. Charlton manor is an exceptional place that's why we are waiting.



We recently toured the Charlton Manor Rest Home and could not get over how beautiful it is and looks like a bed and breakfast not like many other places we toured and price wise was much more affordable than the corporate assisted living centers that are way out of wack price wise. I also spoke with several folks in the medical community and the reputation of the manor is very positive. There was a very nice private room upstairs and a recently remodeled bathroom that was as nice as a top hotel. My Aunt was so lonely before and alone and now is surrounded by caring staff and other folks to talk with and laugh and joke. There was a very nice violist who was performing at my last visit and you could see how much the residents enjoyed it. My aunt would never get this oversight and attention at home or in some of the other places I personally looked at. We made a great choice.



I am so happy to write this review for the Charlton Manor We searched all over the area to find this gem. The house is beautiful and spotless we toured several other assisted living and rest homes around Worcester this is the only one we were immediately impressed with the staff we met and the manager Deb, she answered all our questions and encouraged us to come back and meet with the owner to go over the choice of the room, cost, application and Heath insurance concerns and what would happen if we run out of funds. We were so glad to have found the Charlton Manor. Our mom has been here for several months and loves it. Go see this special place you see for yourself why we are so happy with our choice. It's not easy to find a place you enjoy visiting and knowing our mother is in such good hands.

Here's what our staff and other contributors have said about Charlton Manor:

Halle Sanchez


I worked for several months at the Manor, you will never find a more welcoming and understanding environment. I don't have enough nice things to say about the owner Micheal and manager Deb. Not only are they amazing at management but they are extremely empathetic and easy to get along with people. Furthermore, I have only good things to say about my fellow staff members whom were all friendly and helpful whenever I had questions or needed help with shift tasks. […] With a housekeeper whom comes in daily, each room is always meticulously cleaned, ensuring that sanitation is always at a high standard. With the resident's happiness being a top priority, they frequently bring them out places as well as host numerous activities and events each month.

Katrina Wright


Charlton Manor is a beautiful, very grand facility privately owned by Michael Turpin. As a long-term employee, it's a wonderful place to work, that's why I've been there so long, I love it and the residents love living there as it's very family oriented, just like home. There is 24-hour care, delicious meals, private rooms, shopping trips and lots of activities to keep busy. Manager Debbie Fitts will take you on a tour of the facility, vacancies are limited because it's such a beautiful, peaceful place set on 27 acres of woods and gardens. If you are looking for a family member I highly recommend you come and visit, talk with Michael Turpin and Debbie Fitts to discuss your loved ones health needs.

Ashley Erickson


Charlton Manor is very organized, along with a very friendly and welcoming environment. I enjoy working there along with the team, everyone is respectful of one another and show how much they care for each individual resident. Deb the manager and owner Michael have both been very pleasant to work for.

Nicole LaJoie


I recently started working at Charlton Manor and I must say I am VERY pleased! The staff are so nice and there all positive and strong workers. They work together to get the job done! […] The residents there are great and I am very happy with my experience with Charlton Manor.

Yesenia Garcia


I have been working for the mansion for three years, first I thank God for putting me in a great workplace and second I thank Michael Turpin, the owner, and Debra Fitts, the manager, for giving me this opportunity to work in this beautiful and welcoming home. We are a group in which we work to be able to […] give adequate attention to each resident whatever their need.

Kathryn “The Violin Kat” Haddad


I frequently perform for the residents at the Charlton Manor. It is one of my favorite places to perform! It is always so clean, cozy, and welcoming. The staff are all so kind, and the food being served always looks so good. The residents are always comfortable and happy, and the owner Michael is so good to them. I highly recommend this rest home.

Peter DelloStritto


We have the opportunity to collaborate with Charlton Manor Rest Home in providing care to their residents in need of Nursing and Therapy. I can say without reservation that the staff is caring and compassionate to the residents they care for. The Charlton Manor team is dedicated to the care of their residents.

12 Town Farm Road in Charlton, Massachusetts

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